mps' expenses

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mps'' expenses

Post by imagranny on Thu May 14, 2009 1:14 am

I cannot believe (but i do!) the amounts that MPs are claiming to furnish their second homes. Don't they realise how lucky they are to get a home, let alone a second one in these times. And the money they are spending on plasma tvs, leather rocking chairs, cleaning swimming pools!

There are empty tower blocks in London - why can't the government make use of those and use them as halls of residence for MPs - then give them what Income support gave my daughter to furnish her 2 bedroom NWHA house for her and her little boy who had had to leave their home because of her ex-partner's behaviour - she got 700 and was very grateful.One MP claimed over 1,000 for an interior Designer to tell him what he needed!

Disgusting! And they wonder why people aren't interested at elections!
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