young peoples activities

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young peoples activities

Post by Christine Sayle on Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:20 pm

Hiya Chrissy Sayle here what a fab idea for this forum...well done.
anyway for those that don't know me i'm very active (and a bit Gobby) in getting things going for our youngsters and at present putting together a huge database with conwy youth services on all the activities in the Colwynbay area . I have secured a bit of funding and i am constantly on the cadge for more....lots more..... and will soon be putting on dance drama arts music boxing wrestling d.Jing and hopefully basketball this is the top of all the youngsters list. I am co-ordinator of Colwyn Youth Committee and we do lots of good stuff and any youngsters can join, we did Party in the park for the last 2 years and have more goodies planned SO if you can help in anyway or want to get involved just holler it'll be good to hear from y'all cheers
Chrissy x

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