Image and File hosting

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Image and File hosting

Post by Jason Webster on Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:57 pm

NWHA has set up the provision for forum users to be able to host images so they can be shared with the users on the NWHA forum. This facility is useful if any tenants have photo evidence of a problem they may have or simple to show the forum users something of interest.

A free account can be set up by anyone at the following web address: WWW.PHOTOBUCKET.COM, but if users would like to use the specific NWHA one, please PM John Shephard or myself for the log in details.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not host any image in this account unless it is one that you "own". IE do not copy the image from a google image search or from other web sites. , and do not attempt to host any potentially offensive material. This image account will be checked on a regular basis and images will be deleted WITHOUT WARNING if there is any breach of the rules.
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